Is std testing free at urgent care?

Easily find STD testing clinics in Quincy, MA that offer free services or. The AFC urgent care center, in the nearby town of Braintree, offers confidential STI testing and. Before we start, the quick answer is: yes, you CAN get tested for STDs at the urgent care center. Many urgent care clinics offer walk-in testing for STDs.

You may or may not have a copay, depending on your insurance. An emergency doctor will perform a physical exam to check for any obvious symptoms and will likely take a blood or urine sample and send it to a laboratory. If your insurance covers testing for STDs and you've already met your deductible, you'll only owe the copay amount. The medical team provides low-cost STD testing and treatment services to all people without discrimination.

Situations that do not require testing are best suited for urgent care, since they are not equipped to perform rapid analysis services and require samples to be sent to an external laboratory. If you haven't met your deductible or if your insurance doesn't cover you, you may be responsible for paying the full amount of STD testing at the urgent care center. Patients with a positive STI diagnosis can receive medication, while patients with negative STDs can have preventive measures, such as vaccination. Doctors can take blood or urine samples to detect sexually transmitted diseases, and vaccines, condoms, and PrEP services are some of the available preventive measures that doctors can prescribe for STD-negative patients.

You'll usually get the results within a few days and you'll be prescribed antibiotics to treat a bacterial STI or an antiviral medication to treat a viral STD. If you can't bear the thought of talking to your regular doctor about a possible sexually transmitted disease (or you can't see him at all), one of these testing centers might be right for you. You can book your appointment by contacting a doctor via phone call and customers will receive their STD test results only in person. The best home STI tests are approved by the FDA and evaluated for safety and accuracy, with fast delivery times for results and support from health professionals.

Just like you would search for a free STD clinic near you, try searching for STD testing for LGBTQ people followed by the name of your city. If the test result is positive, the healthcare provider may have medicines available, but if the result is negative, you may be given preventive tools, such as condoms, dental protectors, and the HPV vaccine. Laboratories, clinics, and home testing companies can accept insurance that covers or reduces the cost of testing. If you have a regular obstetrician-gynecologist, you may choose to go there to get tested for STDs instead of going to the primary care office.

STD testing can be available to everyone at a low cost, and uninsured customers can use cash, money orders, checks or credit cards to make payments. Planned Parenthood offers testing for most STDs, as well as hepatitis and HPV vaccines, sex education, and help with the prevention of STDs.

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