Is sti testing the same as std testing?

The first difference between STDs and STIs is in the name. STD stands for sexually transmitted disease, while STI stands for sexually transmitted infection. Basically, the difference is between a disease and an infection. The terms STIs and STDs are often used interchangeably, even by most health authorities.

Some people who believe that STIs may carry less stigma make a distinction between the two terms. STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are infections that are mainly transmitted through sexual activity, such as vaginal, oral and anal sex. Some infections can be transmitted through close personal contact, such as kissing, or from a mother to the fetus. There are many ways to get answers to your questions about STDs.

If you think you have an STD and would like to get tested, you can contact your regular healthcare provider, locate a nearby clinic using our convenient locator, or contact your local health office. While STIs are quite common, abstaining from sex, wearing protective equipment, and getting tested are effective ways to protect yourself and your partner from an STI infection and from the symptoms that may arise if you become an STD.

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