Why is it important to get tested for stds?

It's very important to get tested if you think you have an STD, because some STDs can cause serious health problems if left untreated. In addition, having an STD increases your chances of getting other STDs, such as HIV. And the best thing is to find out right away if you have a sexually transmitted disease to avoid spreading it to others. The best reason to get tested for STIs is to encourage honest communication with your sexual partners about STI risks and safer sex.

Unless you and your partner have been tested, there's no way to know if you have infections that you need to reveal. If you're sexually active, getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. Be sure to have an open and honest conversation about your sexual history and STI testing with your doctor and ask if you should be tested for STDs. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your regular healthcare provider about STDs, there are many clinics that offer confidential, free or low-cost testing.

The following is a brief description of the recommendations for testing for STDs. Information on testing for STDs for healthcare providers can be found here. You can quickly find a place to get tested for STDs by entering your zip code in the form below. Find an STD testing center near you.

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In many cases, there are no symptoms. In fact, that's why many experts prefer the term sexually transmitted infections (STIs), since you can have an infection without symptoms of the disease. This is just one of the reasons why STI testing is important, as many people don't realize that these problems are increasing. Another reason you should include STI testing in your health care program is that most STDs are highly treatable, especially in their early stages.

Sexually transmitted diseases are common, but the types of STI tests you need may vary depending on your risk factors. The bottom line is that STI testing gives you valuable peace of mind and gives you an opportunity to stay one step ahead when it comes to your sexual health and avoid some potentially serious complications. To address this awareness goal, we've put together the following five reasons why you should include STI testing as a regular part of your health care program. If you have symptoms of genital herpes after having oral sex with a person who identifies as a virgin, you may need to have laboratory tests, such as a culture or urine test, to confirm whether or not your symptoms are caused by HSV.

If the result of a home test for an STI is positive, contact your healthcare provider or a public health clinic to confirm the test results. However, whatever you decide to do, it's extremely important to get tested to make sure you haven't contracted an STI.

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